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History related to Hotel Villa La Lupe

The Hotel Villa La Lupe is located in the surroundings of the old sugar mill "San Idelfonso", in the western part of the former railroad of the county of Guantánamo in Cuba. The east part of the Bano River it is exactly in the back part of this old and renovated country house.

In September 1939, a building was constructed in these terranes in order to settle a school from the Subsystem of the Civic – Military Education. Later, in 1944 it became a naval school from the Ministery of Education.

In 1966, this edification was managed by the National Institute of the Agricultural Reform (INRA) which later gave it to the Military Forces Ministery (MININT).

Then, in 1990 the edification was given to the National Institute of Tourism, which modernized and enlarged it. So, the name was changed to Touristic Center Bano River.

Its present name Villa La Lupe is an idea of Bebo Rodríguez, as populary known a Cuban ex – worker of the U. S. Naval Base in Guantánamo in a response to the request made by the Commander of the revolution Juan Almeida Bosque of building a Protocol Saloom, suggested to decorate the saloom with a musical pentagram and the notes of the song La Lupe, which the forementioned Commander author is.

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