villa la lupe .com - A peaceful villa on the banks of Bano River, near Guantánamo City
Surrounded by an abundant vegetation, a natural and peaceful environment
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Hotel Villa La Lupe

Hotel Villa La Lupe, a two-star hotel, adjoined to a nature, comfort and good service, it’s located on the banks of Bano River, near Guantánamo City.

Hotel Villa La Lupe lives between the constant rumor of the waters and the abundance of the trees and tropical plants: ideal atmosphere to share good moments with family and friends.

Hotel Villa La Lupe has modern and comfortable rooms, decorated with fineness and care, qualities that distinguish it.

Villa La Lupe Cabins Section

From here you will be able to visit with easiness to the reservation of the biosphere “Cuchillas del Toa”, as well as to the Baracoa city, the first village founded by the Spanish conquerors in Cuba. The curious Zoologico de Piedra can also be visited in which there are more than 300 figures of animals of all the continents, carved in the stone by the peasant and sculptor Ángel Iñigo.

Villa La Lupe Nigel next to River

In Hotel Villa La Lupe, the biggest comfort comes given by a group of solid and roomy cabins located around a central pool and an adjacent restaurant that it serves the basic foods accustomed of the national cooking. All this resort is adjacent with an attractiveness river where the young girls celebrate their fifteen-year-old festivities maintaining this tradition.

Villa La Lupe Swimmming Pool

In one of the most significant part of Hotel Villa La Lupe you can find a wall that shapes the letter of a famous song "La Lupe", of the Cuban composer and Commander of the revolution Juan Almeida Bosque.

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